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Award Ceremony

The Prize winners has been announced @
Innovation Driven Desalination event (Jeddah, Ritz Carlton Hotel, September 30).

The conference attracted the most important decision-makers in the industry: policymakers, off-takers, project developers, leaders of research institutes and senior executives from across the supply chain. 

Global Roadshow 2023

The global roadshow on water desalination is a series of five events held at major innovation centers, research centers and universities around the world. These events are designed to discuss the latest developments in water desalination technology while showcasing the GPID.

The first event is in Spain (Alicante and Madrid, 20-22 February 2023) and the second in Italy (Rome 23-24, February 2023).

Overall, the global roadshow on water desalination is a valuable opportunity for researchers, teams of researchers, companies to understand the importance of the GPID.

Business Meeting
Image by David Becker

The GPID Launch

The concept of the Global Prize for Innovation in Desalination (GPID) was announced at Evolve 2023, in Fairmont Riyadh, on January 16th-18th 2023.

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