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Desalination is the future

Jan 1, 2023

The world's leading desalination experts all in one place...

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation is proud to present the Enabling the Development of Desalination in KSA summit, taking place in the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in Riyadh.

As world leaders in desalination, the SWCC is a titan of industry with their vast expertise and innovative discipline, making them the perfect hosts for this crucial summit.

Focusing on new technologies, ground-breaking ideas, research and sustainable approaches, delegates will also be invited to debate the role that public and private initiatives will play in ensuring desirable industry growth.

All parts of the water ecosystem are invited to learn, be inspired and to forge new and lasting relationships (including with the SWCC) that can transform the future of sector.

In this occasion the Global Prize for Innovation in Desalination will be launched.

Stay tuned!

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