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Roadshow 2023

SPAIN - Madrid & Alicante

From 20 to 22 February, Alicante and Madrid hosted a two-days roadshow that showcased the best that desalination in Spain has to offer. With an outstanding output of 5 million m3/day of desalinated water, Spain was the perfect location to kickstart SWCC European roadshow, which gathers the best representatives of Europe’s desalination ecosystems. Amongst our distinguished speakers featured notable figures such as President of AEDyR, Domingo Zarzo, the Sub-secretary of the Ministry for Ecological Transition & Demographic Challenge and the Director of the Centre for Water & Climate Adaption, Gonzalo Delacámara among others.

ITALY - Rome

On February 23, Rome hosted the second stop of the GPID roadshow. Italy is one of the countries that has seen worsening water shortages in recent years, with two consecutive particularly dry winters. The Italian government and regional governments have begun to evaluate desalination with increasing interest. Our distinguished speakers included such prominent figures as Maher Salman, Senior Land and Water Officer, FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), Edoardo Borgomeo, Water Specialist, The World Bank, Maria Chiara Carrozza, President, National Research Centre (CNR), Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

BRAZIL - Sao Paulo

On April 26, GPID was part of the ALADYR International Congress Brazil in São Paulo city with the participation of 300 attendees. Key topic of the event was "Reuse and desalination – Business models and comparisons: Assessment of technical, economic, legal, safety, and environmental aspects of desalination, water reuse, and effluent treatment". Our distinguished speakers included prominent figures from the Ministry of the Environment, the Brazilian Confederation of Manufacturing Companies, the Brazilian National Water Agency.

GERMANY - Berlin

The Global Water Summit (GWS) 2023, held on 8 – 10 May in Berlin Germany, was the fourth step of the roadshow, in front of over 850 high-level executives from industry, municipalities, and international water companies. Thanks to the direction of Christopher Gasson who led the event, GPID was brought to the attention of a large number of managers from major desalination companies and to many founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups. 

CYPRUS - Limassol

From March 22-26, GPID had the honor of being hosted by the extraordinary Miriam Baladan in the setting of the European Desalination Society's annual congress in Cyprus. The conference on Desalination for the Environment was dedicated to progress toward providing fresh water for all, at affordable costs and with economical energy requirements, making GPID perfectly aligned with the event's program. 

SPAIN - Granada

GPID was also featured by AEDyR (the Spanish Association of Desalination and Water Reuse) thanks to the voice of President Domingo Zarzo, who brought to the stage the opportunity of the award for the Spanish boredom ecosystems. The conference, thanks to the Association's 25th anniversary, was a moment of reflection in one of the most advanced countries in Europe and the world for desalination. 

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Stay tuned for the next stages!

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