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Our Goal
and Ambition

Through the Global Prize for Innovation in Water Desalination (GPID), we recognize and reward those making significant contributions to the field of water desalination and inspire others to join us in our mission to find sustainable water solutions. We believe that water desalination has the potential to play a crucial role in solving the global water crisis and are committed to supporting and promoting research and development in this area. The GPID wants to advance the technologies and practices of water desalination to address global water scarcity and improve the lives of people around the world.


To help in building a Sustainable World by driving Innovation; bringing about next- generation Desalination & water treatment; accelerating the advancement of research, technology and social science disciplines related to Water; enabling research institutions, organizations, NGOs, companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs to build a better future.


To be recognized as the most important global award on the innovation for desalination and water treatment that will generate real lasting impact around the world, especially in regions most affected by the threats to water security; a prestigious independent organization fixed in perpetuity.

What is
Water Desalination?

Desalination is a process that removes dissolved minerals, including salt, from seawater, making it suitable for drinking and other domestic and industrial uses. It is often used as a source of freshwater in areas where natural freshwater resources are scarce or have been depleted due to increasing demand or prolonged drought.

There are several methods of desalination, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Reverse osmosis is a widely used method that involves forcing seawater through a membrane under high pressure, allowing the water molecules to pass through while trapping the larger salt molecules. Other methods include thermal desalination, electrodialysis, and ion exchange.

The choice of desalination technology depends on factors such as the local availability of energy and resources, the quality of the feed water, and the required capacity and product water quality.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is an executive team that includes the initial stakeholders, namely the representatives of SWCC and The European House - Ambrosetti, plus three external scientific advisors.


The Executive Committee is a key point of reference for the GPID Team, providing oversight and boosting the GPID's initial activities, as it is expected to:

  • Provide guidelines for the prize and stimulating original ideas and innovative thinking

  • Verify the progress of the initiative

  • Facilitate contacts/relationships relevant to the project, being the first “ambassadors”

  • Act as a "challenger" for the project team on key decisions (e.g. KPIs, list of mentors, etc.)

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding innovative technological advancements and business models. Our team is passionate about finding and supporting the ideas and companies that have the potential to shape the future.


We are constantly seeking out new and innovative ideas, and we believe that through our efforts, we can help drive progress and inspire others to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Partners

Our partners are a vital part of our award initiative. Comprised of leading institutions and companies, our partners provide not only financial support, but also valuable guidance and expertise. Their knowledge and insights help shape the direction of our award, ensuring that we are recognizing and supporting the most innovative and impactful ideas and companies.

In addition to their support and guidance, our partners also benefit from their involvement in the award. By aligning with us, they have the opportunity to stay at the forefront of key technological and market trends, and to connect with and support the next generation of leaders in their respective fields. We are grateful for the support of our partners and look forward to continued collaboration with them as we work to recognize and reward the most innovative ideas and companies.

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